In A Pickle!

Take 30 cucumbers, 8 onion and 3 peppers and a bunch of spices and you've got the making of Sr. Mary Martin's Bread 'n Butter pickles! This year the Cukes were prolific! Sr. Mary Martin makes Dill Pickles every year but this year her dill never came up and fresh dill was not to be had anywhere! So, we were in quandary as this meant we had a lot of cucumbers! The cooks have been serving them in various forms for days but we still had a lot!

Pickles aren't very hard to make. And now that we have wonderful things like Cuisinart's it is even easier! Our industrial size Cuisinart that was a gift from the Company meant we could slice a lot of cukes!

Although we don't have a very big garden harvest season is fun at Rosary Shrine. On Saturday a few sisters made a delightful Peach Rumble for Sunday dessert using the peaches from our orchard. We don't get peaches every year and this year's is a surprise. They don't look very good but they sure taste good!