MTS 2012 A Success!

Our Sisters had another wonderful week of classes, this time with Fr. Nicanor Austriaco, OP who taught them the Moral Vision of our brother, St. Thomas. It's amazing they got through the week lacking the fortification of our chocolate chip cookies and hermits (the cookie, not the nun) which we sent priority mail on August 15th. By the 23rd, the tracking code said the box was STILL in the Kearney, NJ processing center! An email to USPS and those cookies were at Lufkin on Friday...probably stale!

You can see photos, etc. at the Lufkin Nuns' Blog. A special thank you to our sisters for hosting the meeting again this year and to Sr. Mary Jeremiah, Sr. Mary of Jesus and ALL the Sisters who did all the behind the scenes work that makes a study course sucessful!

Next year the sisters will study Church History and Thinking with St. Thomas Aquinas.

We look forward to our sisters being home and hearing all the stories!