At the General Assembly

Our sisters, Sr. Denise Marie and Sr. Mary Catharine are at the 2nd General Assembly of the Association of the Nuns of the Order of Preachers. Like 4 years ago the assembly is once more being held a the Motherhouse of the Dominican sisters of Springfield, IL.

The sisters had the privilege of having the Master of the Order, Fr. Bruno Cadore with them for 2 days as they deliberated about the Assembly agenda and the future of the monasteries in the United States.

Sr. Mary Catharine told us how impressed she is by Fr. Bruno's humility, his insight, his love for the Church and his gentle yet firm way of helping the nuns come to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Charism of the Order of Preachers and her mission for the Church.

The sisters back home are able to participate as all the talks are videotaped and uploaded to the Association website's private page.

The sisters are having plenty of time to enjoy each others company and a group even went down the street for an impromptu treat of ice cream! They literally stopped traffic when they showed up at Baskin Robbins!

Although the discussions are sometimes challenging the sisters are enjoying the opportunity to forge closer bonds of communion among each other.