Christmas in the Seignadou Soap Department

While for us Christmas is a long way away our little online store is telling us that you are beginning your Christmas shopping! So, recently we posted our Christmas soaps. You can see the complete 2012 collection here: Christmas gifts. This year we have two new products. We were happy this summer when we found that our mold supplier has created a St. Nicholas soap mold! Coming up with the right scent and color, was, well, harder than we thought it would be! There is a large basket of rejected St. Nicholas’ in the soap room!

These soaps would be great to stuff in the shoes left out for the feast of St. Nicholas!

Also new is our Everlasting Evergreen e Spray for your artificial tree…or maybe your tree as well! Maybe for your living room or workshop or….First, though, try saying Everlasting Evergreen Tree Spray really fast!

Lastly, we have a limited supply of beautiful Madonna and Child Wax Ornaments. One of the sisters made about 50 and we won’t be making anymore this year.

Don’t forget, we also have some new books and DVD which would make great gifts!