Soap Sale Season!

It's "soap sale season" for us and the sisters have been really busy! Soap sales are fun because it gives us a chance to try all sorts of creative things and test them out! This week Sr. Mary Cecilia, one of our extern sisters, and our good friend, Margie, were at the Mountainside PTO Holiday Market. As was expected, the turnout was very low. Many people in the area are still recovering from Hurricane Sandy. This weekend we have been invited by the pastor and very good friend, Msgr. Joseph Petrillo, to have a soap sale after all the Masses at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in West Orange. They will definitely bring along vocation literature as well! Who knows? Perhaps a  new vocation for the monastery will come of it!

Local soap sales in the area are beneficial for us because they help give the monastery exposure. Although we have been in Summit for nearly 100 years many, many people do not we are here or what that big church on the hill is! The sisters invite people to come and pray in our chapel, attend Mass, the Divine Office, etc. So many people say, "I never knew your doors were open and we can come and pray! I never knew you had Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament!" So you might say that Seignadou Soaps provides us with a "slippery" way of evangelization!