New Monastery Sign!

IMG_1145Thanks to some wonderful benefactors and the folks over at The Sign Center we were able to replace our ancient, beat up and frankly, ugly sign at the front of the monastery with this beautiful new one! IMG_1148It arrived last week and the prioress gave a group of sisters out for a walk at recreation permission to check it out. Is Dominican spelled right? Yes! Sabina loved the "outing" and happily posed for a photo as cars drove by the monastery!

For many years one of the most often remarks we here hear is "I didn't know your monastery was open to the public and that I can come and pray here!" So, we hope that VISITORS WELCOME will assure our Summit neighbors that Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is here for them as well! The sign at the chapel doors gives our visitors information as to times the chapel is open (6 AM- 7PM daily!) and the time for Holy Mass (7 AM, 7:30 AM on Sunday) and the other times of the Divine Office.