Smoke Signals!

chimmeny During the Conclave eight years ago in 2005, our community had worked out a system of "smoke watching". One of the sisters would log into CTV, the Vatican's online streaming video before Lauds, in the hope that we would get results before we began celebrating the liturgy of the day. Most of us were also praying that the new Pope wouldn't get elected until the afternoon (our time) because if he got elected in the early morning we'd be at Office or Mass when the new Pope would step out on to the loggia. The Lord was merciful and, as we all know, it midday for us when the big moment came.

Back then, the whole streaming thing was a bit iffy as well. EWTN's streaming wasn't too reliable, either. Now, we're following the old-fashioned way while most people will find out via text and twitter!

Here we are again. One of the sisters just logged onto CTV and this time the video streaming automatically opened up on the main page of the Vatican's website! Not only that, but one can choose from six languages! At first, Sister was listening to the Italian, congratulating herself that she could understand a little.

This is an exciting time for the Church. It's an important Conclave and although all the Cardinals are "locked in" all of us can accompany them through our prayer. We can be like our Blessed Mother who was united with the Apostles in calling down the Holy Spirit on the Church. Our Lord promised that the Holy Spirit would always be with the Church.