Our Holy Father, Francis I!!!!

It was "Profound Silence" and most of the nuns were in their cells, reading, napping, praying. A couple of sisters were around keeping their eyes on that smoke stack! And then to our surprise white smoke! Sr. Mary Catharine rushed downstairs and bumped into Sr. Mary Amata. "White smoke!" Both ran to the bells and began ringing them and soon the community was gathered in the community room. Who will it be?

Like most of the world, when Jorge Mario Bergoglio was announced we exclaimed collectively, "WHO?" We are proud to say that we found his name on the list of electors BEFORE the folks at EWTN, who, for once, were speechless!

Just think, Pope Francis, a Jesuit is the highest superior of the Dominicans! If you know Jesuit/Dominican jokes you will enjoy that.

We look forward to learning more about our new Holy Father and we promise him our obedience, our prayers and our love! God grant him many years!