New Prioress

srmmOne of the blessings St. Dominic gave us is that Dominican communities elect their prioress (or prior) every three years. She is the "first among equals".  Today the solemnly professed nuns gathered for the Elective Chapter and chose Sr. Mary Martin de Porres of Jesus, OP to lead our community for the next 3 years. Sr. Mary Martin has had much experience in the past as prioress. This is her 6th term! True to her laid-back style she was busy doing what she usual does on Wednesday afternoons...the kitchen! In fact, Sr. Photographer had to get her with sleeves rolled up and her apron on!

We ask you to keep Sr. Mary Martin and the community in your prayers as we begin a new chapter in the life of our monastery! Praised be Jesus Christ! Forever and ever, amen!