Year of Faith Reflection Corner

                                          The Resurrection of the Dead

 Christ brought the Kingdom of God into the world at His Incarnation. He reconciled us to God though His Passion, Death and Resurrection. In Baptism we become one with Christ and are made children of God. The Kingdom of God is present in our lives because we live in friendship with God. We do not yet, however, share the fullness of the life God has planned for us. The Kingdom of God will be fulfilled at the Second Coming of Christ. (cf. 2 Pt3:10) It is then that the dead will be raised, the soul will be reunited with the body.. The body we now possess, which has loved and worked and struggled to make the Kingdom more fully present in this world, will share in everlasting happiness. We know that our earthly body will be changed into a glorified body as the Lord's Earthly Body was raised and Glorified.(cf. Phil 3:21) At the end of the world, the Lord will give over the Kingdom to His Father. (cf. Cor:15:24) There will be New Heavens and a New Earth (cf. Rev 21:1). And we will live, body and soul, in the love and friendship of God forever.

--Sister Mary John, O.P.