A Winter to Remember...

In the beginning of winter a note would go up on the board: "3-6 inches of snow possible!" Now, after 'no one knows' how many snow storms today's expected 10-14" has become almost a matter of routine! We've been averaging somewhere between 2 and 3 snow storms a week....with all of the snow piling up. It actually has become too much for sledding! Last week some intrepid sisters tried out the sleds on the 2" sheet of ice which a storm had dumped on top of what was already over a foot of snow. The sledding was fantastic!....until it came time to get back up the hill. Some of the sisters had to resort to climbing back up on all fours it was so slippery!

The lower roof is actually about a foot lower than these windows, but the snow is piling up!

Our picnic tables on the cloister look out of place with all this snow.


Sr. Joseph Maria made yummy cinnamon rolls for Sr. Mary Veronica's birthday today. The perfect breakfast for this blizzard.