Knowing where you come from!

As our community comes closer to our 100th anniversary in 2019 the newest generations of sisters enjoy learning more about Mother Mary Imelda and the first foundresses who worked and sacrificed so hard to make our community and monastery the beautiful place it is today. At this point in our history only a few sisters knew any of the early sisters but we all know Mother Mary Imelda and the others through the oral history, photos and artifacts that have been passed down. You know someone has been in the community for more than a few years when she starts telling a story in the first person and wasn't even there! This afternoon at recreation Sr. Maria Agnes brought down an altar cloth begun by Mother Mary Imelda but never finished. She is hoping some of us will consider finishing it in time for our anniversary in 2019!

DSC_1169Sr. Mary Cecilia, Sr. Mary Veronica and Sr. Joseph Maria inspect the intricate embroidered cut-work.

DSC_1167"How'd she do it?

DSC_1178DSC_1177Further investigation showed that Mother had other helpers. There are still 2 embroidery needs in the linen! Wait! Doesn't this mean that finishing this could be a group project?

DSC_1182Sr. Mary Veronica points to the place where Mother stopped embroidering.

mother imeldaMother Mary Imelda (right) with her sister Mother Mary Emily.