Crochet Altar Cloth

About a year ago our Sr. Mary Catharine began to crochet a lace trim for an altar cloth using the filet crochet technique. Anyone who has ever tried this type of crochet, which uses thin threads in place of yarn, knows what a painstaking task it can be. This is especially true when your piece needs to fit a 9' long marble altar! Many nights at recreation sister would be sitting with her crochet, reading from a minuscule graph and making similarly minute progress. We often wondered....would she persevere? Would it ever be finished? Well, she did it! One year later and sister has finished a beautiful lace trim with a Eucharistic theme which will hopefully debut on Easter!


It fits! (This was just a fitting...the cloth will be appropriately ironed and starched for actual use.) DSC_1727

Sr. Mary Catharine (right) proudly displays the finished altar cloth.DSC_1728

A close up of the detail.DSC_1731