Sr. Mary Cecilia Begins Integration

The long awaited day has finally arrived for Sr. Mary Cecilia, the day she leaves the novitiate nest and integrates into the 'real world' of the Professed.  According to our Constitutions, a sister in temporary vows must integrate at least one year prior to her solemn profession. In our monastery, the sister integrates right before her third year of temporary profession begins. Sister's journey 'downstairs' (the level of the professed dormitory is two shallow steps below the novitiate, so even though it is on the same floor we feel justified in saying that a sister has moved 'downstairs') has been a bit of a was only decided late last week that sister would move today! Sr. Photographer was therefore able to catch her moving some last minute items into her new cell after Supper.

DSC_1765DSC_1759Welcome to the Professed, Sr. Mary Cecilia!