Never a Dull Moment....

...not even in the middle of the night! It was around midnight last night when our fire alarm began blaring. We have a tendency to have false alarms, so Sister Mary Martin quickly checked the system to see which alarm had been set off. It was the bakery, which, as a legitimate fire hazard, roused us to action! Some intrepid sisters rushed downstairs to check on the bakery....but they never got there. When they reached the second stairwell the loud sound of rushing water could be heard coming from the procure's office!

It turns out that the tank on one of the novitiate's toilets had cracked and the toilet was continuously pumping water into the broken tank to try to fill it. The procure's office, as well as another bathroom, is directly below the unlucky toilet. The water also went through the procure's floor and was pouring down the stairwell and creating a lake in the basement by the bakery area!  Thanks be to God the water tripped the fire alarm or else ....well we don't like to imagine what we would have woken up to this morning. Last night was bad enough!

Here are some pictures of the "fun":