Sprucing up the "Summer House"

Visitors are often surprised when we mention our "Summer House". I thought you were cloistered! Do you mean you take vacations? Do you have a house down the shore?  Don't worry, we are cloistered and we don't have any property beyond our monastery grounds. Our "Summer House" is actually an old gazebo out by our vineyard which provides a lovely shaded area to recreate in during the hot summer months. Lately, though, our Summer House has been looking a little run down, so we decided to spruce it up with a fresh coat of paint.

You may remember from blog posts past that our Summer House looked something like this: DSC_1803Thanks to one very generous Dominican friar and a couple of industrious nuns our summer house now looks like....well, actually we don't have a picture of the finished project yet! But here are some pictures of the process: