Drawing of Patrons

With the New Year comes the drawing of new patrons, so after breakfast the community gathered in the Chapter Hall to receive their patron Saint, prayer intention, and quote for the year. This year Sr. Mary Martin used quotations from her translation of Humbert of Romans' work on the vows as she has done the past two years. As usual, the three youngest sisters (in religion) have the job of calling up each sister and announcing her patron, etc. This year our three youngest are Sr. Aisling, Sr. Mary Ana, and Sr. Maria Johanna. As each sister is called up she kneels before the baby Jesus in His crib. After she receives her patron she bends down to kiss the infant before returning to her place. 

It is always interesting to see how well the quote matches the sister who receives it, and often there are many smiles and a little laughter to go along with a particularly well suited quote. This year our chaplain received a quote about the proper decorum for voice and gestures while preaching!  Sometimes the prayer intention seems especially appropriate, such as the intention for our sisters in formation for this year: men in formation to be priests! 

After everyone has received her patron, we sing the Magnificat antiphon for the new patron Saint of the community, this year St. Catherine of Siena. We continue to celebrate the beginning of the new year and the Solemnity of the Mother of God with recreation the rest of the morning and talking meals for dinner and supper.