Recreation in the Garden

Monday started out gloomy but the sun came out just in time for noon recreation. The sisters were excited to harvest Sr. Mary Magdalene's beautiful red pepper and carrots, but first there were Peppermint Foot Creme jars to cap! With so many hands helping the jars were quickly capped and the sisters had plenty of time for the gardens. 

Before the carrots could be pulled up Sr. Joseph Maria spotted 3 big caterpillars on the carrot greens. Sister isn't a fan of caterpillars and even though these were an exciting find, Black Swallowtail caterpillars, she wasn't going to get too close. Sr. Maria Teresa safely transferred the caterpillars to a smaller carrot that Sr. Mary Magdalene graciously left for them. 

Sabina was good and stayed out of the garden, even with the gate left open. She knows she's not allowed in, though she'd really like  to try and catch the rabbits that hang out in the garden.  She doesn't try to eat the plants, but she is likely to trample or dig them up in her attempt to capture the elusive bunnies.