Profession Party

Yesterday was Sr. Mary Jacinta's Solemn Profession Party for the community. The newly professed sister is 'prioress for the day' and determines how she wants to celebrate. Sr. Mary Jacinta decided to have a '10&4' day with a movie in the evening. A '10&4' day means the community gathers in the professed community room at 10am and 4pm to recreate. At 10 there is usually chips and some version of punch/lemonade/etc. and ice cream at 4.

Instead of a '10&4's usual talking dinner Sister wanted dinner in the refectory with music. This left enough time after dinner dishes for our usual after dinner recreation period. Some of the sisters went on a walk and discovered a nest of baby House Finches by our freezer's compressor. It was squeezed in between the wall and wood that had been stacked against it. Another pair of House Finches has a nest close by in our bakery's exhaust fan (the same pair as last year). There is a reason they are called House Finches! 

In the evening we watched The Ultimate Gift, a movie a friend had loaned us a few years ago. Although we couldn't find it available anywhere online the Summit Public Library came through for us and had 1 copy! 

We ended the day with a bang, or rather a shrill siren. About an hour after Compline ended our fire alarm went off. When we checked the system it said the one of the community room's three smoke detectors had triggered. A big thanks to the Summit Fire Department for coming out! They blew compressed air into the detector and we all went back to sleep.  ...but then a little while later the fire alarm went off again. And then one of the community room's other smoke detector triggered the fire alarm. Thankfully they were able to get the alarms to stop going off and thus ended a lovely day and an exciting evening.