...just an ordinary morning

.It was just another ordinary morning in Holy Week...at least what passes for ordinary in our monastery! Shortly before Office it was discovered that it was raining in the kitchen. Except the skies outside were clear...and the novitiate is housed above the kitchen! All manner of pots, tubs, and basins were arranged to collect the deluge and our plumber was hastily rung up. As it turns out the main pipe below the novitiate/above the kitchen had developed a large 2 ft crack!  The entire pipe would need replacing, requiring the removal of ceiling in the kitchen, hallway, bursar's office, little community room, etc. plus the destruction of several closets. In the meantime the kitchen cabinets in that area had to be emptied and the novitiate found itself suddenly down to one usable bathroom. 

The depositarian and bursar had to (quickly!) move their office as their own would be unusable during the work. Work in the kitchen progressed quickly and the plumbing has been repaired. Now we spend the days being serenaded by table saws and other such instruments of carpentry as the men work to put the little community room and bursar's office back together.