Novice Mistress's Feast

While every sister's Feast Day is a cause for celebration, the Feast Days of the Novice Mistress and the Prioress are celebrated with extra "solemnity." The celebration of the Novice Mistress's Feast Day is really for the novitiate, but they graciously invite the community to join the party in the morning.

You never know what the novitiate will come up with each year. There have been soap themed parties (complete with a soap pinata), spring themed, fancy tea parties, and and relaxing celebrations with sweets and a movie. With Sr. Mary Catharine as Novice Mistress the novitiate celebrates the Novice Mistress's Feast on her feast of the Annunciation (this year moved because of Good Friday). 

This year the theme was "Are you my Catharine?" and the official invitation requested black and white formal wear (which, thankfully, is the only thing in our closets). The novices had concocted a game where a card was pinned to the back of each sister's veil. The card contained the name and information of a sainted Catherine and each sister had to guess who she was based on the clues read to her. One thing we learned, there have been a lot of holy Catherines!