Professed Feast Day

Yesterday, St. Mary Magdalene, was the Professed Feast Day. (The novitiate has their own feast day on St. Louis Bertrand.) As is our tradition, the novitiate was in charge of the kitchen for the day, planning the menu and cooking up some delicious food. This year's theme was English Tea Party. We had all three meals as talking meals in the community room and recreated in between meals and prayers.

For breakfast the sisters made a sour cream & pecan coffeecake and a blueberry coffeecake which we thoroughly enjoyed with coffee. After breakfast the professed recreated while the novitiate got busy in the kitchen. This year was Sr. Mary Catharine's seventeenth St Mary Magdalene "in" the novitiate, combining her years as a novice herself with those as novice mistress. She might just hold the record! 

In the afternoon we had High Tea. The novitiate had tried in vain to find the proper ingredients to make clotted cream, our valiant volunteers searching high and low at the grocery stores. How can you have an English Tea Party without clotted cream? In the end they had to order the finished product through Amazon. Served along with jam and lemon curd, the Tea was a creative twist on the typical 4 o'clock ice cream we have on big celebrations. For supper they made a variety of finger sandwiches: cucumber, egg salad, and ham/apple/brie/dijon. 

For evening recreation we played bingo, with Sr. Mary Catharine wining twice in a row! Her prize was a journal with a kitty cat on the front, perfect for our feline loving sister. What a surprise when she opened the journal to find a penned poem by our late Sr. Virgina Mary. As she flipped through the pages to see if there were any other forgotten writings, out drifted a rainbow maple leaf! Sr. Virginia Mary was known for pressing lovely leaves in the pages of books. Our prizes are 'recycled' never know what you will win! Our aspirant celebrated her birthday the previous day and was surprised with one of the prizes as a birthday present...a lovely notepad and gel pen. 

Congratulations to Sr. Mary Catharine and our novitiate for putting together a lovely feast day for the professed sisters!