St. Augustine with Fr. Allan Fitzgerald, OSA

When you want to delve deeper into the Rule of St. Augustine (which is the rule Dominicans follow), who better to ask than an Augustinian? For the past three days Fr. Allan Fitzgerald, OSA has been sharing his insights into Augustine's Rule. Father used four 'M's to guide his lectures: movement, mirror, music, and mystery.

On Tuesday we contemplated the movement in Augustine's vision, the essential movement towards God. On Wednesday morning we looked at the Rule as a mirror of imperfection. "And that you may see yourselves in this little book, as in a mirror..."(Rule VIII, 2). In the evening we looked at "the music that God asks us to sing," how music plays a part in the spiritual life. Thursday morning Father wrapped up the lectures with "the mystery that attracts us" and the fundamental importance of forgiveness and humility in community life. His lectures were quite engaging and he made plentiful time for feedback, questions, and comments. We were also excited to receive a gift bag of books from Fr. Fitzgerald, all different books on Augustine and his Rule. Thank you, Father!