Labor Day

Monday was the Anniversary of Deceased Friends and Benefactors of the Order...but it was also Labor Day! So, as usual, we prayed hard and we played hard! 

Sr. Mary Magdalene was back at the grill, cooking up some delicious food donated by some wonderful benefactors. Sabina kept her company, keeping an eye out for any hamburger that might jump off the grill. Inside Sr. Clare was busy at the dishwasher while Sr. Maria Johanna sliced up watermelon, saving the peels for Sr. Mary Ana to pickle! Sr. Maureen spent the morning making a delicious Peach Cobbler for dessert. Meanwhile sisters not occupied in the kitchen congregated in the community room for leisurely conversation and handiwork. 

At noon the weather was just perfect for our picnic on the cloister. The sisters weren't the only ones who enjoyed dinner; a little yellow-jacket was determined to get a bite of Sr. Joseph Maria's cobbler. No other bowl of cobbler would do. His persistence paid off as Sr. Joseph Maria allowed him to 'lick' the bowl when she was done. 

The afternoon consisted of free time which many sisters used to pick raspberries from our very vigorous raspberry plants! We pick every day but the plants just keep making more. It is wonderful, and so far we've made raspberry sorbet, ice cream, juice, and jam.  And there was just enough time left after picking for a game of soccer!