Prioress's Feast Day Celebration

Every year the feast day of the prioress is observed with a party day. Since Sr. Mary Martin's feast day, St. Martin de Porres, fell on a Friday this year we moved our celebration to this past Thursday. We begin the celebration the evening before at recreation with a greeting song and ice cream. The prioress is led into the community room by the sub-prioress, Sr. Denise Marie, and then the sisters greet Sr. Mary Martin in profession order/rank. Sister gives each sister a piece of candy and a chance at the door prize. During the evening there was also a chance to win a prize by being the first to get a bulls-eye at a magnetic dart game.

The novitiate sisters put on a skit, The Band of Beginners, which was repeated the next night since some sisters missed the first showing. The idea for this skit came from the fact that each of the four novitiate sisters is currently learning a new instrument. For some sisters it is their first instrument, for others a new one or one they had started learning many years ago and have begun again. Sr. Maria Johanna played the clarinet, Sr. Mary Ana the violin, Sr. Chiara Marie the piano, and Sr. Marie the guitar. 

The next day was a "10&4" day, with recreation and snacks at 10am and 4pm. We also had dinner as a talking meal and supper in the refectory with music. During the morning and afternoon recreation times entertainment was provided by various sisters. Sr. Maria Agnes, our archivist, had prepared two quizzes. For one quiz you had to match the sister with the little factoid about her. Some were very easy, such as who made the fish pond, and some were a little more tricky...such as who has a grandparent who shares the name of two saints, one from Jerusalem and one from Alexandria. (Can you guess that sister's grandparent's name?) Three sisters won so the tie was broken by the dart game mentioned above. The second quiz was about dogs...including canines from the comics, previous monastery dogs, and even some famous pups. Sr. Mary Martin won this quiz. Those who don't read the comics or were newer to the monastery ( the past 25 or so years...) were at a disadvantage for this fun quiz!

In the evening there was a repeat performance of The Band of Beginners which was enjoyed as just thoroughly the second time as the first! 

After the performance we had a game called Outburst put together by our famous game-makers: Sr. Joseph Maria and Sr. Mary Veronica--makers of Murder in the Monastery. In this game we split into two teams. Each team was given a category or prompt and everyone shouted out answers as fast as they could. On the screen were the hidden answers and as they were said the answers were revealed. There are many many answers but only a dozen or so were chosen in the game, so even if your guess made sense it didn't necessarily get a point. One answer was a 'daily double' and gave double points. Some categories were: Old Testament Prophets (we listed everyone but Moses! Oops!), choir books & booklets, Sr. Mary Martin's favorite books, Feast of Our Lady, Dominican Laity, etc. In the end the teams tied! It was a lovely way to end the day's festivities.