Visiting Friars

The new year brought us a visit from new priests! Three of our Dominican friars who were newly ordained this past year stopped by to visit, say Mass, and give us their priestly blessing—Fr. Luke Hoyt, Fr. Edmund McCullough, and Fr. Thomas Davenport.  With our upstairs parlor gutted and the remaining parlors unavailable we invited the friars into our Community Room to visit.

We may have attempted to play a little trick on Fr. Luke. Father had visited us previously and received the handwoven confessional stole we often gift to the first year Dominican priests who visit us. On this visit we wrapped up stoles for both Fr. Edmund and Fr. Thomas, while also wrapping an identical box for Fr. Luke which instead contained soaps. When the prioress handed the identical gifts to the brothers Fr. Luke may have fallen for our little joke, thinking we had forgotten that he had already received a stole!