Good-bye, Sabina

Today we said good-bye to our beloved dog, Sabina. She had been slowing down in recent days, and this morning she was found in one of her favorite spots, laying under the laundry table, unable to get up. Sr. Mary Magdalene, Sr. Joseph Maria, and Sr. Mary Catharine brought her immediately to her wonderful vet, Dr. Peter Brody of Murray Hill Veterinary Associates.

Unfortunately, Dr. Brody found she had massive internal bleeding, most likely due to a tumor rupturing her spleen, and had to be put down. We’d like to thank Dr. Brody and everyone at Murray Hill Vets for their devoted and loving care of not only Sabina but our previous pets as well, without charge. Sabina loved going to see her friend Dr. Brody!

Sabina would have been 10 years old this March.

Sabina loved greeting visitors in the parlor!

Sabina joined our community October 16, 2010 from The Seeing Eye in Morristown. She was unable to become a seeing-eye dog due to a ‘sensitive trachea.’ You can read more about when we first got her HERE.