Harvest Season

Sr. Mary Elizabeth, Sr. Deepa and Sr. Judith Miryam preparing Peach Cobbler

As summer winds down (but here in NJ it's still going strong!) our small harvest is slowly coming in. Tomatoes have been gracing the table for several weeks and the novitiate garden which features a good amount of weeds is producing beautiful, large pumpkins and butternut squash! A few filipino squash have been recently harvested.

For several years our fruit orchard has suffered a sort of blight and apples and peaches have been scarce. However, the Lord in His goodness provided us with one tree full of yummy peaches. The main work has been to get them BEFORE the squirrals do!

Hold onto your veils! Sr. Giang and Sr. Martha attempt at getting to the peaches BEFORE the squirrals do!

So, today we had a fruit peeling party during noon recreation. While almost everyone was on deck, Sr. Mary Elizabeth, Sr. Judith Miryam and our "Georgia Peach", Sr. Deepa stayed on, sacrificing their "Profound Silence"(siesta) to produce a lucious peach cobbler for desert on our Lady's birthday.
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