Onward For 90!

Today our Sr. Maria Veneranda celebrates her 80th birthday! One of our postulants, a mere 22 years of age, asked Sister, "Sister how does it feel to be 80?"
Her response?
"I feel like 40 but my walker reminds me that I'm not!"
Sister's favorite desert is "Impossible Pie" which is a coconut custard pie. Sr. Giang surprised Sister with it for today's desert AND it was Sr. Giang's first foray into baking! (I cook. I don't bake!) As Sister blew out her candle she said, "Onward to 90!" Knowing her, she probably will!
We wish Sr. Maria Veneranda every grace and blessing on her birthday! She'll appreciate your prayers, too!
You can read her vocation story HERE.
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